Surgical Dermatology

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Our Surgical Services

As a surgical dermatologist, Dr. Martinez-Diaz will provide the diagnosis and treatment of medically necessary and cosmetic conditions of the skin, hair, nails, veins, mucous membranes and adjacent tissues. He is adept with numerous surgical, reconstructive, cosmetic and non-surgical methods. With his skillset as a dermatologic surgeon, he can repair and/or improve the function and cosmetic appearance of the skin.

Surgical Dermatology

  • Biopsy of skin
  • Cryosurgery
  • Excision of cysts, moles – benign or atypical moles, tumors, growths
  • Scar revisions
  • Acne Scars Surgery
  • Keloid treatments
  • Earlobe repair
  • Surgical Treatment of Skin Cancers
  • Mohs Microscopic Surgery – Skin Cancer Surgery
  • Laser Procedures
    • Red blood vessels and diffuse redness
    • Brown spots reduction
    • Skin resurfacing

Resources – Learn More

Find out what you need to know about skin cancer – learn the different types of skin cancer, how to identify suspicious spots and treatment options. Dr. Martinez-Diaz is a member American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and is specially trained in skin cancer treatment.